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Sewing & Dressmaking Course for Beginners & Beyond!

Hello, Hello! Welcome to the fabulous world of sewing and online learning with ME! @misslibbyrose

I would love to welcome you on board this course, but before you book on I guess you are wondering… what will we do!?!

So, I have called this course “SEWING & DRESSMAKING FOR BEGINNERS & BEYOND” as I have made it super friendly for those that are learning from the beginning of their journey into the fabulous world of sewing to those that are ok with sewing but are thirsty to want to know more (and maybe have done a fair bit of self-taught stuff so want to check in that they are doing it right!)

1st things first.. we do an Absolute Beginners session, now I know some of you know this stuff.. But it’s always good to have a recap – and you never know, I might say something interesting that you didn’t know! And for those learning for the first time then you can watch and re-watch this section as much as you need in the comfort of your own sewing area!
In the Absolute Beginners session we will go through:-

Video 1) A quick look at how to thread up the sewing machine and bobbins plus which sewing machine is right for you

Video 2) Needles & feet Tips on needles, threads, how to change needles, why we need the different types..

Video 3) Practicing and good ideas for getting used to your sewing machine – easy tips and exercises to get you practicing and proficient on the machine!

PLUS you can download instructions, notes and practice sheets!

2nd up! We do a zippy make up bag both lined and unlined!
Video 1) Cutting out and laying the pattern and how to make your own pattern to your own size!
Video 2) Put the zip in to the lined and unlined version
Video 3) Sewing it all in place and creating the base!
You can also download the pattern and written instructions too!

3rd things 3rd! We get into sewing things further and make a reversible tote bag (with applique if you like!)
One Video for this one..
1) We cut out the pattern, lay the fabric (USING FAT QUARTERS TO MAKE A BAG!)
Then we put it all together – you can download the pattern & written instructions too!

4th section of the course – let’s get Dressmaking!!
Let’s make a Child’s dress with Applique using Newlook Pattern  #6504
Video 1) Cutting out the pattern, laying the fabric and marking in the notches
Video 2) Cutting and applying applique and some tips and tricks with sewing it on!
Video 3) Facings – let’s get quirky with our facings – have some fun with mix and match colours.
Video 4) Sew it all up and apply a quick and easy hem
Video 5) Button holes and buttons!

5th section is the pièce de résistance – oh yes! Let’s make a swinging 60’s tunic dress using Simplicity Pattern #1252
Video 1) Cutting out the pattern, laying the fabric and marking in the notches
Video 2) Cutting the facings & interfacings, applying the interfacing to the fabric plus hints & tips!
Video 3) Edging the fabric – overlocker vs the sewing machine overstitching!
Video 4) Drawing, marking, pining, pressing and sewing DARTS!
Video 5) Sewing up the DRESS! Attaching facing to the dress – sewing up the seams and pulling it all through!
Video 6) Putting in the zip using the zip foot!
Video 7) Finale – creating a hem including a few versions from me!

Other perks of joining this course:

You are a life-long member of the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP! YIPPPEEEE
This is a private group for anyone that has attended an online sewing course with Miss Libby Rose! You can post pictures in this private group that only other members will see.. ask silly questions (if you like) or ask intelligent questions (if you like..) Get help from each other and from me @misslibbyrose.. Feel confident to post, share, and enjoy in a private sewing environment!

Instructor:  Miss Libby Rose
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£97.50 (tax incl.)