Lists, Lists, Lists

So here I am ready to admit to the world that guess what? (SHOCK! HORROR!) I looovve a list! YES I do, I write them daily and sometimes hourly! There are lists for other people, lists for me and sometimes even lists for Elliott (The Pug) and I know, I have read the business literature that says if these lists aren’t ‘SMART’ they could be causing more damage than they are doing good. Lists are supposed to un-clutter our minds (and you know me by now, I am all about un-cluttering my mind and living a peaceful life) where in fact they are usually making a mountain out of a mole-hill and over busying ourselves for the sake of of being over-busy!

SOOOO, I was absolutely delighted the other day while on a #sewingtour trip to Newcastle there was  Radio 4 programme hosted by the gorgeous Jenny Eclair all about LISTS! Did you hear it? Let me re-cap for you..

“Comedian and writer Jenny Eclair throws away her To Do list. She wants to understand why women write so many lists and what life would be like without them.”

“She discovers there are to-do lists, to-buy lists, to take-back lists, holiday lists and even secret lists of hidden yearnings. Jenny talks to good friend and producer Judith Holder about her own lists. Judith has a small library of books, each with a different list inside. Jenny realises she’s on the nursery slopes of lists by comparison.”

BUT I do think we need lists – I certainly need a list to get up in the morning so I am not overwhelmed with all the ‘to-do’s’ going on in my head!

So how do we get SMART with our lists?
SMART is a ‘mnemonic acronym‘ giving us a guide in order to set objectives: In personal development, the letters S and M usually mean specific and measurable: then the remaining letters referring to achievable, relevant and time-bound… I often get asked to use this ‘SMART’ method when writing up proposals but I think we can use it on our lists too. So let’s get SMART. There are so many fantastic helpers out there on this subject, Jenny talks to a coach Juliet Landau-Pope about how to get smart with the lists by prioritizing our lists (do listen if you can it’s right at the end of the recording).

I am a big fan of the book ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller. I listen (on Audible) to this time and time again to get myself on the straight and narrow with lists and daily tasks.  I especially like the content in Chapter 7 when he talks about multi-tasking and list making. Get your lists and dwindle it right down to ‘The One Thing’ to do today – this minute – and do that… Sound simple? I know it does sound simple but as creatives I feel that this is a big block for us. We often multi task with our brains flitting from one thing to the next. So write it down to get it out of your head then do one thing! I am serious – it works!

If you want to learn more about ‘The One Thing’ here’s a link to the website, there are some great free resources on there, although some are quite corporate so I generally steer clear of that, but if you wade through you can see bits that can really relate and help, hey they have for me and that’s saying something!


PS: I am soo excited to discover that Jenny Eclair is coming to the Great British Sewing Bee Live at EXCEL!

PPS: If you want to win a free ticket to the GBSBL check out my blog post:

PPPS: I don’t work for or get paid by The One Thing, I just like it and it works for me…

#sewingtour Scotland, a Holiday in Crete then more sewing in Stockton!

I have been having a lot of fun on the #sewingtour for Hobbycraft. The places I have been visiting are awe-inspiring and so much fun to be meeting sewing enthusiasts from far and wide and attempting to explore a little bit of new towns around the UK in-between!

On the 8th, 9th & 11th of July in Scotland the beautiful drive really did take my breath away and I couldn’t help but stop and visit some castles on the way!

Then I was lucky enough to join friends and extended family on holiday in beautiful Crete to celebrate another 40th! On touching down into Chania Airport and feeling the heat between my toes I knew that no matter what experiences I was missing back home – I definitely needed this holiday! We swam, explored cycled and generally had a good break ready to feel refreshed and get stuck back into it when we got back!

2 days later after arriving back I was in the lovely village of Stockton-on-Tees then to Gateshead then to Newcastle where again I managed to find a bit of time to explore the natural beauty and have some time to contemplate the next path for the Pink Sewing Bus! Thanks so much for having me to all the fabulous Hobbycraft stores up NORTH!

#GBSBLive! Instagram story take-over with Miss Libby Rose

What a fun day taking over the Great British Sewing Bee Live! Instagram today… despite any technical hitches I had a ball!

Story 1: Welcome to Greenwich riverside, it’s so lovely to start the day by the river which is just around the corner from my house. Even if Elliot the Pug is a little ‘bark-a-lot’ it still starts my day off with the peace and serenity that only water and being on the river can bring to me. So here’s a little Hello video from me…

Story 2: After my morning swim and walks, let’s get the bus all set up for a day of sewing. Here’s a little intro to my world of sewing and the Pink Sewing Bus. As I am on video today there’s no need to set up all the machines as I normally would for a day of teaching – today is all about cameras, lighting, my nearest and dearest sewing machines – oh and the pug when he chooses to join me 🙂

Instagram posts:

Story 3: After a lunch break and walks again I am back on the bus with some fun embroidery and words of wisdom from me! I am here to tell you about the other classes I am doing including the Simplicity Pattern Hack!
Plus I am setting up the embroidery machine to show you how it’s done – don’t forget #sewingmakesyousmile!

Story 4: We are looking at the Janome Embroidery machine:  Memorycraft 350e and making some fabulous embroidery words on fabric.

#sewingmakesyousmile #embroidery

Story 5: A little goodbye from me! we finish off our embroidery and chat about my next Facebook Live event for the @theGBSBLIVE event! See my post 1st September all about stretch!

How to trust in your ideas and this ‘new way’ of life / work / play

So I haven’t blogged in a while. I could make all the excuses in the world, but the main thing is.. I AM BACK and on it!

There has been so much going on including the Scotland sewing tour which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G but for now I wanted to get this out there. There has been major shifts that seem to be going on all around me, people changing direction in there business, changing jobs, starting new hobbies and really interesting ‘shifts’ including even the government talking about the new way in which we are all working differently and how employment laws need to start to changing to suit the way we work now.

No longer are people solely working part time / full time or living in the 9-5 world and staying that way from start to retire. We are starting businesses from home, helping others out virtually and this largely discussed ‘Gig economy’ – if you’d like to hear more about this new economy, do check out Radio 4’s Money box Live episode here:-

As a result of these evolving shifts in the way we work, live and this ‘new way’ we need to keep our bodies and wellbeing tuned in and in good working order so we are on form to deal with all that life, love and work throws at us.

All this talk had led me to have a meet-up this week with my good friend & mentor Natalee Tucker. We generally meet once a month for her group in Bexleyheath – Absolute Business Confidence.  But this month we decided to meet in-between for cups of tea and generally chatting things through…

The theme coming up in her Septembers meeting is ‘Trust’ and this is a topic that is so close to my heart. Belief and trust in the unknown is one of the scariest yet wonderful parts of life and living in this ‘new way’ of life / work balance. It is something that I know I work on as a daily practice. So we decided that at the ABC meeting in September I could do a 1-hour take over! Talking about my journey, how we can use ‘trust’ in our everyday lives including work / health and finance.

If you would like to come along to this mini mastermind meet up and watch me with my ‘business head on’ in action and if you could do with some help, support, empowerment, inspiration, clarity, practical advice on trust. Or just a group of amazing women to hang out with. Check out the link here and book on! It’s totally free for your first time!


As total synchronicity would have it, after our meet up in the cafe, I went on to my facebook feed to see this gorgeous dance from the Ballroom Dance Tube learning how to ‘Give Weight’ and ‘Trust’ in dance. I know we are on the right track and I cant wait to apply this and talk Business ‘trust’ with you!

Mycenae Gardens Summer fun at #Parksfest

The yearly event of #Parksfest signals the start of the summer holidays for us and boy did we do this in style!
All ages gathered at the Pink Sewing bus to create fabulously floppy hats.

Aside from the sewing, there was of course a lot more going on at the extravaganza!

Kerry on Dancing and her dancing school Music & more!