#GBSB Facebook Live working with Stretch Fabrics

Today I’ve been back on the Pink Sewing Bus working towards the fabulous event that is ‘The Great British Sewing Bee LIVE’ at Excel London that is now only weeks away!! YIPPEEE

As part of the show I am doing an old favourite workshop of mine that is designing, measuring and making a pair of leggings from scratch using Jersey fabrics. In these LIVE Videos below I am talking about how we get all prepared and set up for using stretch!

We will need the Walking foot (or ‘even feed’ foot) – I show you how to put this on to your machine!
We will also need a Ball Point needle with a nice sharp sized end to suit your chosen weight of Jersey

and away we gooo….

Part 1:

Part 2:

Here’s the whole video again via youtube:-

#GBSBLive on Facebook creating fabulous Applique

As part of the @TheGBSBLive event at Excel in September I am so excited and honored to have been asked to run workshops at the show. As many of you know, I am a big fan of applique and will try and pop some applique on to most of my designs when possible!

Join me in the video below as we go on a little journey into applique and watch as I create a little applique bird live on Facebook for @theGBSBLive!

Let’s Make a Kimono style wrap top!

To celebrate the Pink Sewing Bus turning 1, we had a celebration on Facebook doing a LIVE design and sewing session on board the Pink Sewing Bus making this kimono style wrap!

Measuring up:
Hold your arm straight out to the side and measure out from the middle of your neck straight out to the length of your sleeve ¾ sleeve for mine. (measurement  1)

Measure from the middle of your neck to the middle of your shoulder (measurement 1.5)

Measure from the middle of your neck down to your chest / bust line. (measurement 2)

Measure around your bust and divide by 4 (measurement 3)

Measure down from your bustline to your waist line (measurement 4)

Measure around your waistline and divide by 4 (measurement 5)

Measure down from your waist to hip (measurement 6)

Measure around your hip and divide by 4 (measurement 7)

Draw the pattern:
Go to your roll of paper leaving around 15cm from the top of your page, label each line with the *number

From the edge of your paper draw a straight line out measurement *1

From this first line drop down vertically using measurement  2

Draw a straight line from the edge of paper using measurement *3

From this first line drop down vertically using measurement 4

Draw a straight line from the edge of paper using measurement *5

From this line drop down vertically using measurement  6

Draw a straight line from the edge of paper using measurement * 7

Create another line halfway between line 5 & 3 (9)  and join this below to 7 & 5

Create a curve starting at line 5, curve out touching line and slowly curving to line 9 then curve out to the edge of the page

Go back to the top of page of your page and use measurement 0.5 along line *1 from this 0.5 point draw a diagonal upwards above line *1. Go back to point *0.5 and draw another diagonal line to just hit the edge of the page 4cm above line *9.

Add 2cm for ease and seam allowance the whole way around

Cut out and lay your fabric on the fold!

Let’s sew a quirky Cat from fat quarters

In this video we are making a quirky cat made with some gorgeous Fat Quarters from my @PinkSewingBus partners @Hobbycraft.

Join me @MissLibbyRose as I guide you through how to make this fun and quirky cat friend.. Soon you’ll be wanting to make one for everyone!

Download the pattern here:- cat page 1  & cat page 2

In this project we are making a fun Cat Creature made with some gorgeous Fat Quarters from my @PinkSewingBus partners @Hobbycraft.

You will need:-
Pattern pieces :
Page 1: http://www.misslibbyrose.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/cat-page-1.pdf
Page 2: http://www.misslibbyrose.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/cat-page-2.pdf
Sewing machine : http://janome.co.uk/
Scissors : http://ow.ly/4nmDGt
A pack of fat quarters : http://ow.ly/4nmDQJ
Ribbon for whiskers
Buttons for nose and eyes
Stuffing: http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/polyester-soft-toy-stuffing-250g/567212-1000
Bondaweb or Heat n Bond:
Pins : http://ow.ly/4nmDWh
Sewing thread : http://ow.ly/4nmGRP
An iron

Print out patterns at A4 size and stick them together as instructed on the pattern piece.
Lay your fat quarter piece in half and pop the pattern with the straight line on the fold.
Cut 2 x pieces of the main body (1xfront and 1 x back)
In contrasting fabric, cut out the heart piece for the face with matching bondaweb or heat n bond
Attach the heart face to the front piece using the iron and following the instructions on the heat n bond or bondaweb.
Create the whiskers with the ribbons, put a pin in the middle and sew them in place.
Hand sew on the buttons for the nose and eyes.
Lay the front cat piece on top of the back so the right sides are facing each other & pin.
Leaving a 0.5 to 1cm seam allowance (lay the edge of your foot against the edge of the fabric) stitch the whole way around the shapes leaving a gap in the bottom wide enough to fit your fingers through.
Once all stitching is in place remove pins and use your scissors to create notches or small cuts up to the stitch lines on the curves and corners. (make sure you don’t cut the stitching!)
Turn the whole cat through to the right side using the gap you left earlier.
Press flat.
Open your bag of toy filling and take small handfulls of fluffy stuffing to fill your cat. Push the stuffing all the way up to the top of the ears, then filling up the arms, face, legs and last of all over filling the tummy.
If you are having troubles getting your stuffing into all these spaces you could use a chopstick, knitting needle (not the pointy end) or any other blunt long apparatus.
Once you are happy with the stuffing qty it is time to stitch up the hole!
Using a small zig zag stitch on the machine or hand-sewing (hand sewing is the preferred method) stitch up the hole in the bottom.

Do tweet or facebook a picture if you try this yourself! @misslibbyrose & @pinksewingbus
Instagram @miss_libby_rose